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SingingViolinSinging Group LessonsPriscilla L.18 years experience(63)Teaches in person, onlineBeginner, Intermediate, AdvancedSilver Spring, MDView profileTiffini J.9 years experience(2)Teaches onlineBeginner, Intermediate, AdvancedView profileRose H.11 years experience(6)Teaches onlineBeginner, IntermediateView profileSusan T.12 years experience(41)Teaches onlineBeginner, Intermediate, AdvancedView profileLance R.12 years experience(49)Teaches in person, onlineBeginner, Intermediate, AdvancedGarland, TXView profileMegan D.17 years experience(1)Teaches onlineBeginner, Intermediate, AdvancedView profileKatherine V.11 years experience(27)Teaches in person, onlineBeginner, Intermediate, AdvancedBeaverton, ORView profileTristan N.2 years experience(2)Teaches onlineBeginner, Intermediate, AdvancedView profileAndrew Y.21 years experience(57)Teaches in person, onlineBeginner, Intermediate, AdvancedWichita, KSView profileKeith D.40 years experience(28)Teaches in personBeginner, Intermediate, AdvancedNew York, NYView profileSee allTakeLessonsPowered by MicrosoftSign up today and get your first lesson for FREE!Book nowSinging and Vocal CoursesBreaking the Chains. The flagship course with over 50 exercises for intermediate singers. Vocal Fire. A complete 40min warm up vocal program for all voice types. Breathe - Coming in 2022. Loud & Clear - Coming in 2022. Focus - Coming in 2023. Rehab - Coming in 2023. Vocal Courses - Singing Lessons with Kevin Richards - Vocal Coachi…


18 years experience
Teaches in person, online
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Silver Spring, MD
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