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Best Free Online Microsoft Office Training Courses

Details: These courses are 100% online, self-paced, and shareable certification. Having this certificate can surely boost your chances of landing the desired job. Be it beginners, intermediate-level students, or advanced-level learners; there are desired courses to match your requirements. A few of the top courses, which caught our eye are:

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The 3 Common Business Uses for Excel

Details: 1. Data Analytics and Reporting. MS-Excel is a spreadsheet application that runs on almost all operating systems like Windows, Mac-OS, Android, and iOS. It helps hugely to store, compute and analyze large sets of data. One of the most efficient uses of Excel for business is data analytics and reporting.

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How To Write Article Titles

Details: It depends on what content you have in your article, accordingly add number to the title. 2. Include the word ‘Guide’. Including the word ‘guide’ in the article makes it appear authoritative. Consequently, it bags you more clicks. Some way how to …

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How To Write An Author Biography

Details: Here is a basic template for an author’s bio. 1. Commence with a Byline. It is a single-line statement that gives an insight into who the author is and includes the book’s name. 2. Talk about the theme of the book. Next, you need to state what the author writes about: Fiction or non-fiction. Previously published books.

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Perks of Video Editing and Career Opportunities for Video Editors

Details: There are certain certificate courses a video editor can pursue to polish the skills, but technically none of us requires a theoretic course or degree to master the field of video editing. It is easy, fun, and creative to earn a good amount of money while grabbing a cup of coffee to sit and edit videos on your laptop. However, some prior

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How To Write An Academic Book Review

Details: Related: Best Grammar Courses Online, Online Business Writing Courses FAQs Q. What academic writing is both an evaluation and descriptions of a book? A. A book review is a piece of academic writing that is both a concise description and evaluation about the major elements of the book. This mainly involves the critical evaluation of the meaning

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