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Details: Courses. The listing of a course description here does not guarantee a course’s being offered in a particular semester. Please refer to the published schedule of classes on the Student Link for confirmation a class is actually being taught and for specific course meeting dates and times.

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Course Search Undergraduate Advising

Details: Course Search. Course Search is a tool that allows you to search the entire database of Boston University courses (7,000+). You can search by keywords, and you can filter your search by semester, by college, and/or by Hub areas(s) covered in the course.

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Graduate and Undergraduate Courses BU MET

Details: Courses. Choose from hundreds of individual Metropolitan College courses offered at convenient times and online. With our open-enrollment policy, you don’t have to apply for a program or submit transcripts to explore your interests, gain new skills, and make valued connections. All you need to do is register.

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Courses : TechWeb : Boston University

Details: Courses. On the Courses page, you can access all of your courses: past, present, and upcoming. Each course card lists the course ID, course title, and instructor. If your course has multiple instructors, select Multiple Instructors for a list. Select More info to see the description, if added.

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Courses General Studies

Details: Courses The Two-Year Program. During your two years at the College of General Studies, you’ll take the following courses: Three humanities courses Three social sciences courses; Two rhetoric courses; Two natural science courses; Five to six elective courses toward your major; You’ll work with your academic advisor to determine course selection.

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Courses School of Theology

Details: Courses. There are four ways to access information about courses offered at the School of Theology: Visit the STH Bulletin, the official listing of all STH courses and degree programs, regardless of when they will be offered.; Visit the Boston University Public Course Listings for the current semester’s offerings.. You will be instructed enter the search criterion for a class.

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Courses Archaeology

Details: Courses. We divide archaeology courses into three categories: topical courses that deal with general subjects such as archaeological theory, the rise of civilizations, and ancient technology; area courses that are devoted to specific cultures and regions such as Greece, Egypt, and Mexico; and technical courses that provide training in specific

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Courses Economics

Details: Principles Courses. We offer principles courses each semester in large lectures (approximately 225 students). Additionally, each large lecture has associated discussion sections; teaching assistants lead these sections and meet weekly in groups of less than 30.

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Courses Neuroscience

Details: An introduction to physiological principles applied across all levels of organization (cell, tissue, organ system). Preparation for more advanced courses in physiology. Topics include homeostasis and neural, muscle, respiratory, cardiovascular, renal, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and metabolic physiology. Three hours lecture, three hours lab.

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Courses BUSM CME

Details: Home Mandated Trainings CSHS and Regional Meetings Supporting Mental Health for All Students: A Series for School Health Professionals

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Courses Romance Studies

Details: Students may take up to two 300- level Spanish language courses (LS 306, LS 307, LS 308, LS 310, LS 311) before moving on to higher levels. Any combination of two 300-level courses may be taken for credit, provided the two courses have different course numbers; repeating a course with the same number is not allowed.

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Courses Political Science

Details: Courses. Political Science faculty offer courses in all fields of political science — American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory, Public Policy, and Political Methodology — at both the undergraduate and graduate student levels. Undergraduate students also have the option of taking advanced courses

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Courses American & New England Studies Program

Details: Courses. Below, find AMNESP-related courses across BU. Please note that not all classes in the course inventory are taught every year. Fall 2020 Undergraduate Courses. Fall 2020 Graduate Courses. Summer 2020 Courses. Undergraduate Course Inventory. Graduate Courses Inventory.

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BS Courses Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences

Details: BS Courses. The Data Science BS degree requires completion of a minimum of 128 credits, with at least 64 credits counting towards the major, including 14 four-credit courses covering the foundational, methodological and applied dimensions of the data science, as well as completion of …

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Courses Anthropology

Details: Fall 2021 Courses Spring 2022 Courses. With our four-field approach to anthropology, each semester we offer students the opportunity to expand their understanding of the world and its people. Our classes range from introductory lectures to lab-based classes and advanced seminars. Please see the BU Bulletin for the most up-to-date information

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Business & Management Graduate and Undergraduate Courses

Details: This course combines (1) the practical aspect of Web design through the use of application software such as Dreamweaver to construct a commercial Web site with (2) a general overview of the marketing, supporting services, systems, security and business strategy issues facing commercial enterprises. [ 4 cr. ] …

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Finance: Courses Questrom School of Business

Details: Finance elective for Business minors. The course is designed to continue the student experiences from SM132 and AC221. The course will provide students with an overview of a broad range of financial topics including: personal financial decision making, corporate finance, firm valuation, portfolio management, risk and return, as well as a timely

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Courses Summer Term

Details: Courses will meet remotely according to the meeting schedule posted here and on the Link. Please note that meeting times listed are local Boston time zone, EDT. We are committed to providing a vibrant and robust remote learning experience, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the resources and guidelines we are providing for all

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Courses Biomedical Genetics

Details: Courses. The following courses are offered by the faculty of the Biomedical Genetics Program: This introductory course will cover the broad field of addiction with a focus on drug dependence. In one segment of the course, students will learn about the spectrum of drug dependence disorders and modalities for diagnosis and treatment.

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